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My goal as a teacher is to learn each student to be able to give them quality information and tools for growth in their art. Proper breathing, projection, confidence and knowledge of music and the voice are the main struggles I see for students.  There are many ways to explore music and to explore your own art. There are many ways to grow and stretch as an artist. I take the time to explore the best ways with each student. 


Email me to set up a meeting or ask any questions.

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Private/Group Lessons

Whether these lessons are for you or your child or your parent we have you covered. We offer lessons in singing, piano, songwriting, audition prep, performance skills, theory and more. From rhythms to genres you'll learn about it.

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I would love to come to you and share knowledge and tips to your group. It can be a small or large group. You can be local or out of town. I am here to work with you.


On Sale Packages

I have been singing for quite a while and I have put together some tips in video form for you to learn more and practice at your own pace.

$45/30 min., $70/45min.,
$100/60min., $115/90min.
Group rates vary (email to inquire)
Rates vary (email to inquire)
Rates vary (email to inquire)
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